Five-axis machining is an advanced multi-axis machining equipment for creating different parts with complex geometric figures. With this machine, you don’t need multiple machine setups for completing the shape or structure of the figure accurately.


Suppose, you need to design or customize a part that has a complex geometric structure. Earlier this was tough to design and you would require multiple machine setups. But with the five-axis equipment, you can complete your work all in one machine more efficiently.


This five-axis machining equipment can perform at five axes which enables the structure of the object or part more precisely. It moves simultaneously along the axes and allows manufacturers to be more flexible and produce greater accuracy with this process. The machine can make both 2D & 3D objects as per need.



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Mazak-5-axis-CNC Machine

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The Working Mechanism

This machine moves in five different positions or directions. Let us name them as ‘axis’.  Then we can say that the machine moves/rotates in five different directions for precise designing of the part. Let the axis be

X-axis: This axis moves the object along the horizontal line.
Y-axis: This axis moves the object along the vertical line.
Z-axis: This axis moves the object in up and down directions.
A-axis: This axis moves the object in a rotational way sideways.
B-axis: This axis rotationally moves the object, but it moves forward and backward.

The object moves in these above directions and the cutter gives the workpiece a fine finishing. Different types of cutting processes are used to provide the workpiece with a delicate design. Cutting processes include lathing, drilling, plasma cutting, milling and many more.

The five-axis rotation moves while the cutter or milling tool is also guided at five axes. The movement of the workpiece is fixed and controlled.


Spatial Positioning

The five-axis machining includes spatial positioning. It eliminates the use of more tools and allows both 2D and 3D. This also enables enormous flexibility and technological benefits that help improve the quality of the tool.

The spatial positioning permits longer cutting lengths with more efficiency. Besides inclining them with the same feed, it also reduces cutting forces.


Simultaneous Machining

The fascination with five-axis machining began primarily from the possibility of simultaneous machining. Which provides unique freedom and unlimited spatial machining possibilities.

This characteristic is a complex process used in five-axis machining. The machine needs to be prepared before usage, which influences the result. This process concerns the geometries and contour characteristics.


Single Set-up

The five-axis machining can provide the complete design no matter how complex it is at only a single set-up. This does not require multiple set-ups or any manual polishing. It moves in five directions and gives a complete shape.


Free Geometrical Directions

The five-axis machining process does not take long to do the milling. The conventional machining does not complete the task all at once, besides you need multiple setups for that. But the five-axis machining can provide you the facility to cut the tool at slant height at only one step.


Cutting Speed

It performs high-speed cutting which is five to ten times faster than conventional milling processes.

The machine works really fast and also reduces the heat on the workpiece which positively impacts workpiece and tool service life. It can also produce small chips without any errors due to fast cutting.


CAD/CAM System

The machine runs on either CAD or CAM systems. Some machines have both enabled. But it’s very rare that any machine excels both equally.

Depending on the design, machining strategy, and the material used, the CAD or CAM system might be chosen.


There are more than a few types of machining that you can choose from. Here are some of the most used types of machining in the manufacturing industry.

Lathing:In this process, the instrument named ‘lathe’ rotates the workpiece on its axis to design the workpiece in various manners like cutting, drilling, turning, and many more ways.

Turning Machining Process:In this machining process, the cutting tool remains still but the holder where the workpiece is placed rotates and moves linearly towards the cutting tool, and this way it gets shaped.

Milling:This process allows the modeling of objects in complex forms and meanwhile the removal of chips and processing residues. This tool moves the rotational axis over the workpiece to create a shape and produces dust from the object.

Plasma Cutting:Plasma cutting is a melting process that is also used in the machining process to cut off the excess part by melting. This uses ionized gas of temperature above 20,000°C. This expels the extra part.


The five-axis CNC machining can produce all kinds of materials of any component. From vehicle components to medical equipment, 5 axis machining has a significant impact on all industries.


The automotive sector is clearly the most frequent user of this process. But other than this, aerospace engineering, medical, marine, and many other industries depend on 5 axis machining service for better performance and accuracy of their product.

Be clear that this machine is not only for steel or aluminum parts. Woods, metals, plastics are also a great fit for this. Here’s a short list of industries that require 5 axis machining:

Medical     Aerospace     Marine     Energy

Military     Automotive    Telecommunication    Electronic


Increased Productivity: It improves productivity by reducing the cycle. With fast production, ability manufacturers can produce faster and able to deliver parts in competitive industries like medical or aerospace.

Reduce the Usage of Multiple Machines:With 5 axis machines, manufacturers do not need a lot of other machines. Which allows the factories to have more free space and improve the work environment.

Highest Accuracy:This machine ensures that you get the highest accuracy in your products. Compared to 3 axis or other machines, it offers superior accuracy.

Better Performance:With 5 axis machining, you get better surface finishes in less time. Because of their high ability, the vibration and chances for errors are significantly less.

Low CostIt reduces the labor cost by eliminating the need of re-fitting or touching the machine much while in the process. Which enables the manufacturers and customers to save their costs.

Complex Designs:5 axis machines are best suitable for complex parts that won’t be complete successfully with other sets of machines as accurately as this.



Now that you have a clear idea of what is 5-axis machining and its characteristics. It’s time to take the right decision and choose a manufacturer that can deliver your desired product.

As you already know what Sunrise Metal can offer and our abilities, please give us a knock anytime. Our support team is always ready to answer your question to help you make better decisions and better understand the outcome.