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Empower Your Automotive Components with Precision Die Casting Solutions

  • Fuel-filter-die-cast-housing
  • Engine-tube-component-Automotive-casting-part
  • ngine-intake-tube-component-Automotive-casting-part
  • A-leak-tested-die-cast-car-housing
  • battery-cover-component-Automotive-casting-Parts
  • Fuel-filter-die-cast-housing
  • Engine-tube-component-Automotive-casting-part
  • ngine-intake-tube-component-Automotive-casting-part
  • A-leak-tested-die-cast-car-housing
  • battery-cover-component-Automotive-casting-Parts

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In the automotive industry, the demand for die-cast components is rising, necessitating high strength, precision, and sealing performance. Through the implementation of advanced semi-solid die-casting technology and a Makino high-precision machining workshop, in addition to ZEISS CMM, we effectively fulfill these demands. Our goal is to guarantee that each die-cast component achieves outstanding performance and dependability.

◉ Innovative Semi-Solid Die-Casting Technology

◉ High-Precision Machining

◉ Multiple Leak Testing Devices

◉ Strict Adherence to ISO9001 and IATF16949 System

Meeting Automotive Special Requirements

Outstanding Strength and Durability

We use high-strength materials and advanced techniques to ensure die-cast parts possess excellent strength and durability. Through precise design and quality checks, each die-cast part meets high standards.

Precise Dimensional Matching

Utilizing advanced machining and coordinate measuring, die-cast parts are precisely matched with other components. Assembly simulations and field tests are conducted to validate matching and stability.


Lightweight Design

Employing lightweight design and material optimization reduces vehicle weight, enhancing fuel efficiency and performance. Hollow structures and rib reinforcements achieve a balance between weight reduction and strength.

Excellent Corrosion Resistance

Special surface treatments and corrosion-resistant coatings ensure die-cast parts have excellent corrosion resistance. Rigorous environmental tests verify resistance and stability.

  • “Our collaboration with Sunrise has been consistently pleasant and stable. Their product quality remains consistent, providing us with reliable components.”

    Wang Ting,Quality Supervisor
  • “Highly satisfied with Sunrise’s product quality and service level. Their team’s proactive approach to problem-solving instills us with full confidence.”

    Anna Müller,Supply Chain Manager
  • “We are impressed with Sunrise’s product quality and delivery capability. Their team consistently serves us with a professional attitude, and we look forward to continuing our collaboration with them”

    Maximilian Schmidt,Purchasing Director

Some Questions You Might be Interested in?

What are the considerations when selecting materials for die castings?

Material selection for die-cast components typically considers factors such as product application, environmental conditions, mechanical properties, and cost.

How do you ensure the dimensional accuracy of your die-cast components?

We utilize advanced CNC machining equipment and stringent quality control processes to ensure the dimensional accuracy of die-cast components meets requirements.

What is the production cycle for your die-cast components?

The production cycle depends on the order quantity and complexity of the product, typically ranging from weeks to months. We strive to shorten the delivery time to meet customer needs.

What advantages do your castings have and how are they different from other suppliers?

Our die-cast components offer superior advantages, including high precision, durability, and reliability. What sets us apart from other suppliers is our commitment to innovative solutions and exceptional customer service.

Do your die-cast components comply with environmental standards?

Yes, we strictly adhere to environmental regulations and standards, using eco-friendly materials and production processes to ensure die-cast components meet environmental requirements.

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