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With our in-house tooling shop, which can help customer offer complete solution from tooling design, manufacturing, modify, maintenance to tooling end management.

Die Casting Tooling is crucial to the success of die casting production. Generally talking and reviewing with our customers to assess the feasibility of part design for tooling and correct if exits deficiency before the tool is built. Then modifying mold features on the front end will not only help to improve the final part but also enhance the quality of mold. During this design phase, we can evaluate in advance where the tool can put removable inserts that can save time and decrease maintenance for our customer.

Offer One-Stop Tooling Solution
Rich Experienced Engineering Team
2-4 Weeks For Rapid Tooling
NO. Name Quantity Stroke
1 High Precision CNC Machine 4 Max 1210*1050*810/Min. 600*450*430
2 High Speed CNC Machine 9 Max 1800*800*750/Min. 850*520*520
3 CNC Machine 6 Max 1500*800*700/Min. 800*550*580
4 DMU monoBLOCK 5-AXIS CNC Machine 2 Max 935*850*650/Min 735*650*560
5 EDM Machine 5 Max1800*900*1000/Min 450*350*220
6 WEDM Machine 6 Max600*400*290/Min400*280*220
7 Grinder 3 1500*600*600
8 Milling Machine 4 1600*800*300
9 Drilling Machine 2 1600*630*400
10 Sawing Machine 1 GD6528
DMU monoBLOCK 5-axis CNC Machine
High precision CNC Machine
  • High precision CNC Machine

    When someone asks me “what is draft angle?” or “why do I need a draft angle on my aluminum die casting part?” The technical answer is, all aluminum die castings require a draft angle on the walls of die cast parts perpendicular to the parting plane or parallel to the slide interfaces. Since I have selling die cast parts for over 10 years, I find simple answers and provide simple calculations for my customers. What does that mean to the typical engineer (any engineer other than tooling or mechanical) or professional buyer? I try to give examples that most people can relate to, because most people do not have a need to concern themselves with how things are made, only what is made, and will it be what they need. I ask, “Have you ever noticed on a cupcake the bottom diameter is smaller that the top diameter?” or “Have you noticed that a cake pan has sides that slope in toward the middle of the pan?” That would be an extreme example of a draft angle. Aluminum die castings would stick inside the die casting tool, molds, or die casting die if there was not enough draft angle in the tool and part. The typical draft angle for an aluminum die casting part is two degrees per side. The calculation for that is simple if a person is familiar with die casting production part design, but is not familiar to most people.

  • High precision CNC Machine

    Tooling: Dies and Molds for Die Casting
    Die cast tooling called insert die, die casting dies, or die casting molds, comes in one part each cycle. Sunrise Metal only uses cold chamber die casting machine tooling styles, sizes, and values. Die cast tooling comes in single cavities (one part each cycle) or multiple cavities (more than es or molds for aluminum die cast parts).
    Die cast tooling comes in various forms:
    1) Die Cast Tooling Inserts
    2) Prototype Die Cast Tooling Inserts
    3) Unit Die Tooling
    4) Complete Class “A” Die Cast Die or Mold Tooling
    5) Die Cast Family Mold Tooling
    6) Trim Dies for Die Cast Parts
    Our In-House Die Cast Tooling Capabiities include:
    a. Die casting dies.
    b. Die casting molds.
    c. Die casting inserts.
    d. Die cast tooling modifications.
    e. Die cast tooling repairs.
    f. Diecast tooling and trim die manufacture.


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