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To provide complete solution, we equipped 23 sets CNC Machining Center and 4 CNC Lathe in our die casting shop. This enable us to provide not only the machining for die casting parts , but also provide machining from solid , extrusion , gravity casting, forging, etc.
Get Everything You Need From Sunrise
Sunrise Metal is your one-stop-shop for all your die casting and CNC machining needs. With our added machining process, you can consolidate many services and buy from one supplier. With our CNC machining services, you can find everything you need while receiving a guaranteed high-quality product.

NO. Machine Name Quantity
1 CNC Machining Center 12
2 Fanuc CNC Machining Center 2
3 Hass CNC Machining Center 3
4 Grinding machine 4
5 Saw machine 1
6 Drilling machine 2
7 CNC Lathe 4
  • Tooling: Dies and Molds for Die Casting
    Die cast tooling called insert die, die casting dies, or die casting molds, comes in one part each cycle. Sunrise Metal only uses cold chamber die casting machine tooling styles, sizes, and values. Die cast tooling comes in single cavities (one part each cycle) or multiple cavities (more than es or molds for aluminum die cast parts).
    Die cast tooling comes in various forms:
    1) Die Cast Tooling Inserts
    2) Prototype Die Cast Tooling Inserts
    3) Unit Die Tooling
    4) Complete Class “A” Die Cast Die or Mold Tooling
    5) Die Cast Family Mold Tooling
    6) Trim Dies for Die Cast Parts
    Our In-House Die Cast Tooling Capabiities include:
    a. Die casting dies.
    b. Die casting molds.
    c. Die casting inserts.
    d. Die cast tooling modifications.
    e. Die cast tooling repairs.
    f. Diecast tooling and trim die manufacture.

  • Die casting is a manufacturing process for producing accurately dimensioned, sharply defined, smooth or textured-surface metal parts. It is accomplished by forcing molten metal under high pressure into reusable metal dies. The process is often described as the shortest distance between raw material and finished photo. The term, “die casting,” is also used to describe the finished part. The term “gravity die casting” refers to castings made in metal molds under a gravity head. It is known as permanent mold casting in the U.S.A. and Canada. What we call “die casting” here is know as “pressure die casting” in Europe.


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