Clear Anodized Aluminum Sheet

Note that clear anodization does not mean that the metal becomes clear. It rather refers to aluminum that has gone through the clear or undyed anodized process.


In this process, manufacturers wash the metal using special chemicals. These chemicals include ammonium bifluoride, sodium hydroxide, and other acids. In the end, aluminum gets a heavier oxide layer. In addition, the metal features a light grey shade or a dark, richer shade. For applications from architectural exterior and electronics to recreational vehicles, it proves to be great material.


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Anodizing converts aluminum into a porous aluminum oxide that helps create highly durable and weather-resistant end products. It, combined with the aesthetically pleasing clear finish, opens up endless possibilities for commercial, industrial, or consumer applications of the metal.

Some top applications of the undyed aluminum include the following:


Medical Industry

Medical Equipment Component made of clear anodized aluminum

Clear anodized aluminum outperforms many other materials when it comes to recyclability, strength, non-toxic, lightweight, etc.

Anodized metal has various medical sector applications for making instruments, trays, medical cases, and other hospital devices and accessories.

The anodic coating increases the corrosion and scratch-resistance of the metal, making it suitable for various medical applications.


Automotive Industry

Automotive closures with clear anodized aluminum

Manufacturers in the automobile market are choosing clear anodized aluminum due to its numerous benefits. These include its strength, recyclability, lightweight, durability, formability, and versatility.

On top of that, metal is also considered an environmentally friendly material in the industry. It helps reduce fuel consumption and carbon emission and improves performance and safety.

Automakers use this clear metal for various applications, including frames, wheels, anti-lock brakes, cylinder heads, pistons, bumpers, radiators, and many more. The distinct finish of the clear anodized metal lends automobiles a great and smooth look.


Marine Applications

US Navy High-Speed Aluminum Vehicle

Aluminum casting boasts a distinct feel and strength. The metal adds durability, an appealing finish, and corrosion-resistance to various applications, including the marine sector.

The Anodizing process transforms the surface of the metal into a sturdy, decorative, and corrosion-resistant aluminum oxide finish. That is why it can easily tolerate constant contact with salt water, making it marine-grade aluminum.

The metal is used for shipbuilding, building seafaring vessels, off-shore drilling platforms, and building machinery.


Telecom Industry

Anodized aluminum is highly utilized in the communication industry. Alloy conductors made of anodized aluminum are used for communication cables. This lightweight metal makes its application cost-effective and easy.

On top of that, the clear anodized metal is extensively used to build satellites and space rockets. Using the extrusion process, this versatile metal can be made into various shapes, sizes, and profiles, making it suitable for many telecom industry applications. In fact, it is used for making many telecom products because of the metal’s sleek and smooth surface finishing.


Fortunately, you can choose different finishes when it comes to anodized metal. Here are the types:


Bright Finish

Bright undyed aluminum is famous due to its high strength and amazing appearance. It usually makes the aluminum stronger by rinsing it in a chemical wash. Anodizing leads to an electric charge and develops a thick layer of anodic oxide.

After anodization, the aluminum renders more protection by holding its temperature under complete control. It is mainly essential for projects involving doors and windows.


Bright Brushed Finish

Bright Brushed Clear Anodized Aluminum Sheet

Are you looking for an undyed anodized aluminum finish for your next aluminum project? Try bright brushed metal. This type offers a gentle look, making it useful for the production of chimneys, rooftops, storefronts, and more.

The anodized aluminum product also has numerous features, including durability, boosted strength, and temperature control.

Thermal control property is mainly useful when the door or window is created using an anodized aluminum process, and you need to block out cold or hot air.


Clear Satin Finish

The process makes clear satin anodized aluminum of clear anodization. It offers a smooth finish to various applications – whether ceilings, electronic devices, roofing, rail cars, or others. This type is very flexible, making it quite useful in various forms, including roll-formed, stamped, and laminated, etc.

The anodizing process mainly involves washing the aluminum with chemicals like ammonium bifluoride, sodium hydroxide, etc. It ends up in a heavier oxide layer, thereby results in a dark shade. But clear satin anodized aluminum may not be necessarily clear.

The actual shade comes out to be a light gray or dark gray. It is named such because the aluminum does not involve any dye during the anodization. Clear satin anodized aluminum also makes the aluminum robust so that it can withstand everyday wear and tear.


Besides these, undyed anodized aluminum makes a great choice for a wide range of products for commercial and residential uses.

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