What is a die casting tooling ?

Nov 20, 2019

Tooling: Dies and Molds for Die Casting
Die cast tooling called insert die, die casting dies, or die casting molds, comes in one part each cycle. Sunrise Metal only uses cold chamber die casting machine tooling styles, sizes, and values. Die cast tooling comes in single cavities (one part each cycle) or multiple cavities (more than es or molds for aluminum die cast parts).
Die cast tooling comes in various forms:
1) Die Cast Tooling Inserts
2) Prototype Die Cast Tooling Inserts
3) Unit Die Tooling
4) Complete Class “A” Die Cast Die or Mold Tooling
5) Die Cast Family Mold Tooling
6) Trim Dies for Die Cast Parts
Our In-House Die Cast Tooling Capabiities include:
a. Die casting dies.
b. Die casting molds.
c. Die casting inserts.
d. Die cast tooling modifications.
e. Die cast tooling repairs.
f. Diecast tooling and trim die manufacture.


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