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Customized Die-Cast Parts for the Medical Industry

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We are committed to providing high-quality, high-precision die casting solutions for the medical sector, meeting its stringent requirements for product quality and performance.

◉  Die casting solutions tailored for medical equipment, including critical structural components for diagnostic and medical devices.

◉  Prioritization of product safety and reliability during manufacturing

◉  Compliance with RoHS and REACH standards reflects our commitment to sustainability and eco-friendliness in operations.

Meeting Medical Special Requirements

High Precision

Through cutting-edge processes and top-notch equipment, ensure that every part meets precise size standards, guaranteeing the safety and smooth operation of medical devices.

High Strength

Utilize various surface treatments like coating, liquid & powder painting, and sandblasting to meet diverse needs in the medical industry, ensuring optimal performance.

Multiple Surface Treatments

Use top-notch materials and cutting-edge techniques to ensure our products have outstanding strength and durability.


Strict adherence to ISO system requirements, labeling and documenting the origin, production, and inspection records of each part.

  • “Working with your team has been a game-changer for our production line. Your high-quality die-cast components have significantly enhanced the performance of our medical equipment. We appreciate the seamless communication and timely delivery”

    David Smith, Manufacturing Director
  • “We’ve been consistently impressed with the level of service and expertise your team provides. The die-cast components we’ve received have been instrumental in improving the durability and functionality of our medical devices. Thank you for being a reliable partner”

    Michael Brown, Quality Assurance Manager
  • “Your company’s dedication to quality and precision is truly impressive. The die-cast parts we received exceeded our expectations and contributed greatly to the success of our latest medical device. Thank you for your professionalism and attention to detail”

    Sophie Johnson, Product Development Manager

Some Questions You Might be Interested in?

What are the considerations for material selection of die-cast parts?

Material selection typically considers factors such as product usage, environmental conditions, mechanical performance, and biocompatibility.

How do you ensure the dimensional accuracy of die-cast parts?

We ensure the dimensional accuracy of die-cast parts through advanced mold design and strict manufacturing processes.

How are the surfaces of die-cast parts treated?

We employ various surface treatment techniques, including painting, sandblasting, and anodizing, to meet different product requirements.

What is the production cycle for die-cast parts?

The production cycle depends on the complexity of the product and order quantity, typically ranging from weeks to months.

How is the cost of die-cast parts calculated?

The cost of die-cast parts depends on various factors, including material cost, process complexity, production volume, and quality requirements.

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