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Crafting Beauty, Preserving Strength- Sunrise Metal's Surface Finishing Services


Sunrise Metal provides comprehensive surface finishing services to meet customers’ requirements for the appearance and performance of their components. Whether it’s enhancing product corrosion resistance, improving appearance texture, or meeting specific environmental requirements, we can provide customized surface finishing solutions for our clients. Ensure your components not only look aesthetically pleasing but also perform exceptionally in their intended applications.

We offer a range of surface finishing services, including:

◉ Coating and Painting                                                                        ◉ Anodizing                                                                          ◉ Plating                       

◉ Shot Blasting                                                                                           ◉ Polishing and Grinding                                            ◉ Chromating Treatment

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Each product is precisely manufactured under a streamlined production model under the operation of skilled workers.


With our in-housing mold workshop, we control the mold production time in a planned so that our customers’ projects can start on time.

When casting meets Makino machine, parts with a precision of up to 15μ are born.


Instantly get your ideal prototype,speed up product launch, and save time and costs.

Assembly and packaging

Get it right in one step, less hassle


Products that have undergone leak testing ensure that projects with sealing requirements are foolproof.


ISO 9001
is the most mature quality standard globally

Our company implements the ISO 9001 quality management system to optimize processes, enhance efficiency, and ensure that our products and services meet customer needs and expectations.

IATF 16949
is a quality management system standard for the automotive industry

Our company strictly adheres to the IATF 16949 standard to ensure that our die-cast components meet the stringent requirements of the automotive industry and continuously improve our manufacturing processes and product quality.

ISO 13485
is a quality management system standard for medical devices

Our company follows the ISO 13485 standard to ensure that our die-cast components meet the quality and safety requirements of the medical industry, thereby providing customers with reliable and safe medical devices.

ISO 13485
What are the environmental considerations for surface finishing?

Some surface finishing processes can generate hazardous waste. It is important to choose a surface finishing company that is committed to environmental compliance and has a plan for waste disposal.

How do I choose the right surface finishing process for my application?

The best surface finishing process for your application will depend on a number of factors, including the type of material, the desired properties, and the budget. It is important to consult with a qualified surface finishing expert to get the best advice for your specific needs.

What are some of the most common surface finishing processes?

Some of the most common surface finishing processes include:

Electroplating: A process that deposits a thin layer of metal onto a surface using an electric current.

Anodizing: A process that creates a protective oxide layer on the surface of a metal, typically aluminum.

Powder coating: A process that applies a dry powder coating to a surface, which is then cured by heat.

Painting: A process that applies a liquid paint to a surface.

What are the benefits of surface finishing?

Surface finishing can provide a number of benefits, including:

Improved appearance: Surface finishing can enhance the appearance of a product, making it more attractive to consumers.

Enhanced durability: Surface finishing can protect a product from wear and tear, extending its lifespan.

Increased corrosion resistance: Surface finishing can protect a product from rust and other forms of corrosion.

Improved conductivity: Surface finishing can improve the electrical conductivity of a material.

Reduced friction: Surface finishing can reduce friction between two surfaces.


Will surface treatment increase the weight of the product?

Our surface treatment processes can be completed without increasing the product’s weight, ensuring lightweight properties are maintained.

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